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Beyond Death

Beyond Death
John Justin

by John G.A. Frimand Jr. (Author)

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ISBN 978-0-615-24285-9
Format: Hardcover, 378pp
Publisher: Justin Publishing
Pub Date: 2008
Product Dimensions: 8.75" x 11.5"

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About The Book

My book tells about the events, struggles, and adventures that changed and prepared me for my life after death experience. My eyes have been opened to the spiritual world around us and through the HOLY SPIRIT I have been given a deeper understanding of the scriptures as they relate to Heaven and Earth, and my spiritual journey.

The Elvis Presley Connection

I related to Elvis Presley's gospel music. I have relived the Lyrics:

"You Gave Me A Mountain"
"I'm Gonna Walk Den Golden Stairs"
"Lead Me Guide Me"

Meet God The Father and God The Son from "Milky White Way", "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus", and "I John" which was, according to his daughter Lisa Marie, Elvis's favorite song, and was in my opinion prophetically referring to me, John.